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Cleanfield Energy

Cleanfield Energy installation at Durham College in Canada

Product data sheet for the Cleanfield Energy wind turbine currently available for download:

  • Cleanfield Energy V3.5 data sheet > download (PDF: 432KB)

We have factsheets available covering all aspects of the Cleanfield Energy V3.5 wind turbine, and about specific environmental issues such as noise. Please contact us and will be happy to provide your with the lastest revisions of these documents

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Cleanfield Energy

Ocip Energy are UK distribution partners for Cleanfield Energy vertical axis wind turbines.

Cleanfield Energy distributor


The V3.5 VAWT has three major components (turbine, generator and inverter) that offer a series of features which have been customized as a fully integrated offering by Cleanfield Energy.

Cleanfield Energy V3.5 VAWT

This solution enables the complete system to be optimized for maximum efficiency and reliability.