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Marine systems

Keeping batteries charged to support the array of communication, navigation, lighting and other electrical systems onboard today's sailing vessels can be challenging and expensive.

Even on a day trip the engine or generator will need to be run to charge the battery systems, and on longer excursions this will turn into several times each day, usually for a couple of hours or more depending on the load. Running engines for thousands of hours each year with the rising price of fuel plus the cost of engine servicing and maintenance is therefore expensive and has an impact on the marine environment.

Using wind and solar power as an alternative source of energy is nothing new, indeed sailing yachts have been utilising this form of sustainable energy for many years. However, most systems monopolise valuable deck space and the placement of separate solar arrays and wind turbines is not always ideal as it can affect the vessels performance.

The Solar Stik™ solution is to place the solar panels and wind turbine on a single patented mounting unit which can easily be fitted to the deck or transom thereby reducing the need for separate installations thereby reducing the need for separate installations.

Ocip Energy is the exclusive sales and distribution partner for Solar Stik™ marine products in the UK, we also offer their range of land based Solar Stik™ systems. If you would like to know more please read on or contact us for further information.

Solar Stik™

We are the exclusive UK distribution partner for Solar Stik™ marine power system products.

Solar Stik UK distributors

The Solar Stik™ is the ultimate in portable solar and wind power generation. Developed, designed and manufactured in the USA it features innovation, quality engineering, and a philosophy of "self-sufficiency".

Solar Stik™ marine power systems

The standard by which all future portable renewable power generators will be measured. No other system provides as much versatility or adaptability as the Solar Stik™ in the marine power environment.