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Solar Stik™

Solar Stik™ marine power system

The Solar Stik™ was first thought about in a small marina in Key West Florida during the winter of 1997-98. Three small boats, preparing for unlikely voyages, were in need of a power generating system that could supply enough power for refrigeration, long range communications, and lights. Challenged with no room on deck for large solar systems, no large battery banks aboard, and no fuel-driven power plants designed for power generation, design of the Solar Stik™ took place.

The first units were crudely constructed but provided the power necessary for the voyages.

In early 2004 the Solar Stik™ design was refined and after 3 years of trials, research, and engineering, the Solar Stik™ was put into production at facilities on the east coast of the USA.

The original Solar Stiks™ are still out sailing, with their original owners, on the original vessels; a continuing testament to the quality of their design and durability. The new ones are now helping other explorers on their travels.

Solar Stik™

We are the exclusive UK distribution partner for Solar Stik™ marine power system products.

Solar Stik UK distributors

The Solar Stik™ is the ultimate in portable solar and wind power generation. Developed, designed and manufactured in the USA it features innovation, quality engineering, and a philosophy of "self-sufficiency".

Solar Stik™ marine power systems

The standard by which all future portable renewable power generators will be measured. No other system provides as much versatility or adaptability as the Solar Stik™ in the marine power environment.