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Solar Stik™ 100 Marine

Solar Stik™ 100 marine power system

The Marine Solar Stik™ 100 is a complete solution to providing a solar and wind energy generation system, and is designed for 7-18m class sailing vessels.

Originally designed for the marine community, the Solar Stik™ allows for placement of 12VDC power generating equipment (wind & solar), GPS, radar and more in a single location without monopolising precious deck-space or cockpit canvas structures. The result was a fully maneuverable solar panel array that can be aimed at the sun from morning until evening, regardless of the vessel's orientation to the sun.

The unique construction of the Solar Stik™ provides three axis of movement to optimise the amount of direct sunlight exposure on its two 50 Watt panels. With as little as two to three manual adjustments daily, you can increase the time of daily solar power generation "from dawn until dusk". Maximum power production is usually about 80 Amp hours per day for a vessel from the solar panels alone, and if the Solar Stik™ wind turbine Air-X Upgrade Kit is employed, power production may average 130 Amp hours or more.

The Solar Stik™ is designed to handle harsh marine elements and has withstood rigorous testing on the open water for the last ten years. If you want the freedom to go where you want, without having to plan for refueling locations, costs, and without having to contend with generator noise and pollution, the Solar Stik™ is your total solution.

An additional benefit of the Solar Stik™ is that it assembles and breaks down very rapidly when conditions warrant. This is a key feature for sailors who have deck configurations that prohibit the installation of a traditional solar array, or who only need solar power while at anchor.

The Solar Stik™ is robustly built to withstand the elements of the open ocean and has withstood rigorous blue-water testing for the last ten years. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminium and stainless steel, it is available as a Deck Mount or Transom Mount system and installs to nearly any vessel’s stern, and an Air-X wind generator upgrade is also available to give even more versatility. Installation can usually be performed in just 4-5 hours and the total installed weight of the Marine Solar Stik™ System is usually no more than 31 - 37kg depending on the mounting option used.

The Solar Stik™ System is an internationally patented system and is made in the USA. It is designed as a one-time purchase and has a 25 year power-output warranty, and a five-year "materials and workmanship" warranty.

The Solar Stik™ Marine System is sold as a complete package and includes mounting hardware and a Solar Boost™ 2000E digital MPPT charge control and temperature sensor. Additional charge control options are available as well upon request. Additional mounting accessories are also available to help tailor the Solar Stik™ to a custom fit or application on nearly any vessel.

Full UK pricing and delivery times for the Solar Stik™ Marine product range and accessories are available on request by contacting us.

Solar Stik™ 100 Marine

A fully maneuverable 3-axis solar panel array that can be aimed at the sun from morning until evening, regardless of the vessel's orientation to the sun.

Solar Stik™ 100 Marine

The Solar Stik™ facilitates the placement of solar and wind power generating system, GPS, radar, and more in a single location without compromising valuable deck-space or cockpit canvas structures.

Solar Stik™ 100 Marine folded down

The Mast assembly is even strong enough to support a light-duty lifting crane for small dinghy motors, gear, or provisions.