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Building schools for the Future

At Ocip Energy we recognise that the Building Schools for the Future Programme represents a great opportunity for improving energy efficiency in schools.

We are excited by the prospect that our LED lighting range can help schools meet energy efficiency objectives and carbon reduction targets, when building new or upgrading existing schools. We are also passionate about the potential for small wind turbines as an income generator for schools.

However we recognise that there is a challenge for schools and finding and eventually replacing existing lighting stock is a time consuming process. Likewise switching from fossil based to renewable energy sources can be a challenging thing to do.

This is why for a few lucky schools with a real passion for this we are offering some free consultancy advice and support. We have decided to support a small number of schools throughout 2010 to help them improve their energy efficiency ratings.

In summary we’ll give some free consultancy advice to a small number of schools that are passionate about our products, in an attempt to try and help people understand how they can find the grants and funds needed to pay for renewable energy solutions. The advice might be as simple as how to fill in the appropriate forms to apply for carbon trust grants or, if budgets are already secured, it could be an on-site lighting feasibility study to help demonstrate the energy savings switching to LED lighting can make.

We are currently looking for schools to take part in this project, so if your school is interested in talking to us about this, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Please send your name and contact details in an email to listing reference 'energy efficiency in schools'.

We are excited about the potential of these technologies for schools and hope you are too.

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