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Solar power systems and applications

Product data sheets on our solar power systems and applications currently available for download:

  • Solar street light
    • SPSL-100 Solar street light > download (PDF: 591KB)
  • Mobile solar power system
    • MSPS-200 Mobile solar power system > download (PDF: 600KB)
  • Solar Stik™ system
    • SOLAR STIK™ 100 Lite System > download (PDF: 1.28MB)
    • SOLAR STIK™ 100 Lite & Terra Pak System > download (PDF: 884KB)
    • Lite-Series SOLAR STIK™ H20 Pak 200 > download (PDF: 1MB)
    • Lite-Series SOLAR STIK™ Power Pak 100 / ERCO System > download (PDF: 950KB)

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Please contact us if you would like to know more about our solar systems.

Energy2Africa is an international trading company of Ocip Energy

Solar energy

Our solar systems span highly portable units, go-anywhere all terrain power trailers to stand-alone power supplies and LED solar powered street lighting.

All-terrain patented solar power system

Our international group company energy2africa.com markets these products and others including waste to energy processing plants in Africa and other overseas markets.