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Small wind

Wind turbines harness the power of the wind and use it to generate electricity. Small systems known as "micro-wind" or "small-wind" turbines can produce electricity to help power electrical appliances in a typical home. It is estimated that small scale wind generation, together with other forms of micro generation could provide 30–40% of all the UK's electricity needs by 2050.

By 2020 Renewable UK (formally the British Wind and Energy Association) estimates that over 600,000 micro and small wind systems could have been installed in the UK and with the UK enjoying the best wind resources in Europe, future technology cost reductions and fossil fuel price increases could mean more sites become commercially attractive.

Small wind systems that connect straight into the grid or feed mains electricity supply are expected to be a significant growth area in the future especially with the introduction of feed in tariffs, the streamlining of UK planning requirements and other financial incentives and grants. This is why we are excited to be marketing the quietrevolution and Cleanfield Energy wind turbines.

Ocip Energy currently markets products in the 1.5 – 15kW range suitable for commercial, industrial and community project use. The following table describes the different categories for small wind and shows how this compares to large scale wind turbines.

Sector Generating capacity
Micro Wind <1.5 kW
Small Wind 1.5 - 15 kW
Small-Medium Wind 15 - 100 kW
Medium Wind 100 - 500 kW
Community Scale 500 - 1,500 kW
Utility Scale 1,500kW - >1.5MW

For more information on small wind visit the Renewable UK website.

UK wind energy

The UK has the largest wind resource of any country in Europe, making it the ideal choice for a renewable source of energy.

UK wind distribution

A traditional horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) has to rotate to track wind.

Traditional HAWT design

A vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) collects wind from all directions without tracking.

New VAWT design

This type of wind turbine is ideally suited to the built environment with their small footprint and quiet operation.