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Wind turbine design

Wind turbine design falls into two distinct categories; Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines or HAWT and Vertical Axis Wind Turbines or VAWT.

Horizontal axis turbines are more familiar to most people and are often associated with the large scale installations producing several megawatts of power from each unit. The offshore wind farms are examples of large HAWT designs.

There are also many smaller HAWT designs providing on-grid and off-grid renewable energy solutions. Renewable UK's website has access to small HAWT companies and designs.

Please contact us should you require any information on the types of wind turbines that we can supply.

Wind turbine design

UK wind energy

The UK has the largest wind resource of any country in Europe, making it the ideal choice for a renewable source of energy.

UK wind distribution

A traditional horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) has to rotate to track wind.

Traditional HAWT design

A vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) collects wind from all directions without tracking.

New VAWT design

This type of wind turbine is ideally suited to the built environment with their small footprint and quiet operation.